24th edition of the research conference on constructions, economy of buildings, architecture, urban and territorial development
Innovative research in constructions, architecture, and urban planning in response to societal and technological challenges

16 November 2023

The conference topic is the dynamic of the construction sector in the context of recent challenges due to the societal and technological challenges determined recently by the pandemic crisis, war, or emergence of artificial intelligence. Starting from here, the objective of the conference is to challenge a reflection on the impact of recent events on constructions, including architecture, urban and territorial planning, and connected areas.

The event will be organized by the National Institute for Research and Development in Constructions, Urbanism and Sustainable Spatial Development URBAN-INCERC in Bucharest as an on-site conference with oral communications, not to exceed 15 minutes (including the questions), presented in moderated sessions, workshops dedicated to presenting and discussing the results of recent NIRD URBAN-INCERC projects, and a poster exhibition. Presenters must be registered. The registration is free of any charge and can be done only by the Internet form available at the following address: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1pGuVMdxj1AmazYvDOrik_ze-g2wK6cQ-z_walPeU3PY/viewform.

Attention! After the registration, the browser will display a confirmation page. This is the only confirmation of your participation; no e-mail confirming the registration will be received. However, the organizers will confirm the reception of materials to be presented and/or published, notifying the corresponding author only if they are acceptable or indicating the required changes.